Transcending Obscurity is one of the biggest entities in underground metal music with over a hundred bands in its roster circa 2019. With two exclusive stores for North America and Europe, the intention is to ensure that no fan faces any difficulty in procuring our music products worldwide. Furthermore, ground distribution in stores is facilitated by AISA (US), Code 7 (UK) and Sound Pollution (Sweden). This is an addition to our official store on this site and our official Bandcamp page. With our background in running a reputable webzine and PR company, we know our way around the music and what it takes to promote a band. Feel free to write in to learn more about our work with bands and how to be a part of our ever-growing label.

For band submissions, general information (Kunal Choksi)

For accounting & billing queries. (Moni Jha)

Frequently Asked Questions

How expensive is shipping from your site/Bandcamp page?

We can boast of the LOWEST shipping prices worldwide, even when it comes to opting for DHL Express courier service which provides ultra fast shipping (2-3 days in most cases).

Do you have offers every month?

Yes, we’ve started this trend and try to change things a bit each time around. Please look out for fresh offers at the start of every month.

Can we use DHL Express when placing orders through Bandcamp?

Unfortunately Bandcamp just provides one default shipping option but all orders that are above 50 EUR get automatically upgraded to that shipping service. We also have started to send out combo orders (3-4 products) and all LPs and LP box sets, also hoodies, via DHL Express at no extra cost.

How long does it take for my order to ship out?

We send out all DHL orders the same day and those via registered mail at least once a week.

Where can we track our orders?

DHL orders can be tracked from the DHL site – and all other registered airmail orders can be tracked from this site –

Is it safe ordering from your site?

Everything is tracked at all times and in case of non-delivery which almost never happens, a replacement is sent out promptly

When do you ship out pre-orders? What's your policy regarding that?

We try our best to get products made well before the release date but it’s fair to expect them to get shipped out around that time. We have offers on pre-orders and it’s best to opt for that to get special products and/or discounts. Especially where box sets go, they’re very limited and often numbered and it’s best to book your copy before they get sold out.

Do you exchange products in case of sizing issues?

It’s not feasible for us to do so and we strongly advise you have a look at the size charts before placing your order.

Do you trade?

Very selectively due to time constraints.

Who do we contact for orders placed through your US or EU based stores?

Please contact those respective stores directly as they’re independently handled by AISA.

Do you still accept band submissions?

Admittedly we’ve got a very busy schedule and don’t sign too many bands these days, but of course we’re on the lookout for good bands at all times. Don’t hesitate to write in with links to your music and we’ll check it all out.

Are you currently hiring?

 We’ve got a strong international staff at the moment but if you’re a freelance artist, video guy, promoter, etc. feel free to get in touch.